Alchemy Translation provides certified translation solutions for many Industries


All businesses have translation needs, regardless of the fact in which country or in which industry they are working. Alchemy understands that every business and every industry has different translation requirements.

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the image shows how interpretation services can facilitate the growth of your business


When organisations plan to expand their businesses in different countries, it is essential that they can communicate with people from different countries efficiently. Hence, the requirement for interpreters arises.

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An image which shows a transcriptionist in the process of rendering transcription services


Most organisations which require a data archive of conversations between the representatives of the organisations and the clients require transcription services.

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The image depicts a subtitling professional subtitling audio-visual media


Subtitles are written translation of the dialogues and information represented in the media in different languages. Sometimes, audio-visual media is required to be viewed in languages other than the language in which the media is created.

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A professional voice over artist ready for voice over recording

Voice Over

Whenever a video content requires audio content, the video production companies seek the help of artists who provide voice over services.

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Alchemy Translation offers language education services for all major languages


Many of the organisations conduct business across multiple countries, and send their employees to different countries to maintain and upscale the efficiency of their business. In such cases, the employees require language education services to learn different languages to bridge the communication gap.

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Alchemy Translation provides a host of pharma regulatory services for pharma industries

Pharma Regulatory

Pharma regulatory services offers the companies a keen insight into the rules and regulations in different countries. All countries have a different set of rules and regulations which are strictly imposed on pharmaceutical industries.

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Proofreading helps to resolve numerous mistakes


Proofreading is the process in which a proofreader reads a written text and marks errors in context, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing style.

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Alchemy Translation collaborates with Writopedia to offer complete website development solutions

Website Development

Website plays an important role in establishing and increasing the online presence of any business. Hence, in the times of the Internet, it is essential for any business to have a website on the World Wide Web.

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An image which depicts the modern conceptualization of content writing

Content Writing

Content writing is the process of creating content, especially web content aimed towards digital marketing. However, content writing is not limited to just digital marketing and can take many forms like creative writing, personal writing, technical writing, etc.

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