Language Education Services

Many of the organisations conduct business across multiple countries, and send their employees to different countries to maintain and upscale the efficiency of their business. In such cases, the employees require language education services to learn different languages to bridge the communication gap. For example, of an organisation is sending an Indian employee to Spain, then they need to hire a Spanish teacher to coach the Indian employee to learn Spanish.

Alchemy Translation offers language education services for all major languages

The Requirement of Language Education Services

When the senior employees travel to different countries, it is necessary that they can effectively communicate with the employees in other countries. They can either choose between interpretation services or learning the language. If the employees need to interact with employees from other countries for longer duration, then usually, learning the language is an easier option. Hence, the requirement for language education services arises.

The Alchemy Advantage

Alchemy Translation offers a wide range of language education programs for businesses, organisations, and individual groups of learners. Alchemy Translation employs professional language coaches who can offers systematic learning modules for language learning. At Alchemy, we understand that language teaching is not an easy task, especially teaching a new language to adults. Hence, in a very similar way to higher education services, Alchemy language coaches have a very specific methodology to teach the adults, a new language. Alchemy offers professional language coaches for various major languages around the world, including French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese. If required, Alchemy also offers services transcript at the end of the sessions, so that the learners can keep on revising the language.

Alchemy is probably the only translation company in the world which offers a host of professional services over and above translation services. Over and above professional language education services, Alchemy also provides professional Subtitling services, Voice Over services, and Transcription Services.

For more information about language education services, contact the Alchemy Business Development Team. Our business development will be more and glad to guide you through the language modules available so that you can select the one that matches the requirements of your organisation.

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