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Sometimes, audio-visual media is required to be viewed in languages other than the language in which the media is created. In such cases, subtitling and closed captioning comes in very handy. Subtitles are written translation of the dialogues and information represented in the media in different languages. For instance, if a movie or an ad-film is made in French, and if people who do not understand French want to view it, subtitles offer an easy and quick solution. Subtitles can be made in different languages which can open up the viewability of the media to multiple languages.

The image depicts a subtitling professional subtitling audio-visual media

The Requirement of Subtitling Services

Whenever movies, ad-films, and other promotional video content must be viewed in multiple languages in different countries, subtitling come in handy. Subtitles offer an easier and quicker solution as compared to dubbing the media in different languages. Subtitling services expand the business horizons for movie makers because more people can access the movies with subtitles. Thus, by investing a small amount in professional subtitling services, the movie producers can gain high returns on revenues by gaining more audience from different countries.

The Alchemy Advantage

Alchemy Translation is one of the few professional translation agencies which offers professional subtitling and closed captioning services. Most subtitling companies offer only subtitling and closed captioning services, however, Alchemy Translation unlike other subtitling companies, also offers professional dubbing and Voice Over services. Subtitling professionals at Alchemy are trained to capture the essence of the dialogues in the subtitles and not just direct translation of the dialogues. This ensures that the effectiveness of the movies and video content is maintained even when viewed in different languages.

Over and above subtitling and closed captioning services, Alchemy Translation also offers professional Transcription Services and native Interpretation Services.

To find out more about the professional subtitling services offered by Alchemy Translation, feel free to contact the Alchemy Business Development Team. Our team will be more than happy to guide you to find the perfect solutions for your subtitling requirements, be it for movies, ad-films, or other promotional audio-visual content.

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