Transcription Services

Transcription is the process of writing text from audio-visual recorded media, for example, a telephonic conversation between two people. Numerous organisations require written record of telephonic and recorded conversations between people, sometimes, for training purposes. Such organisations require the recorded media to be transcribed into text form so that the data can be easily archived while saving storage space. Storing audio-video recordings of conversations may take up a lot of space, hence, a lot of businesses resort to transcription services for easy storage of recorded data.

An image which shows a transcriptionist in the process of rendering transcription services

The requirement of transcription Services

Most organisations which require a data archive of conversations between the representatives of the organisations and the clients require transcription services. Most of the hospital record conversations between doctors and patients to avoid legal disputes in case the patient of patients’ families go against their words. Moreover, even most legal firms require records or conversations between the attorneys and their clients. Even the customer service and relationship management industries require a record of the conversations between their employees and the clients. Moreover, organisations deal with people from all over the world, thus deal with different languages. Hence, different organisations require transcription services in different languages depending on the clients they are dealing with.

The Alchemy Advantage

Alchemy offers professional transcription services across a wide range of industries and organisations in multiple languages. Alchemy also offers services for medical transcription, legal transcription, as well as for other industries. Alchemy Transcriptionists are highly-trained professionals who can transcribe audio as well as video media files. Alchemy employs in-house transcriptionists for all major languages across the world. Over and above all the major languages of the world, Alchemy Translation also employs native transcriptionists for online transcription in numerous other languages across the world. All text transcribed at Alchemy undergoes a stringent testing procedure to ensure that only the highest quality transcription services are offered to the clients.

Over and above audio-video transcription and text transcription services, Alchemy Translation also offers a host of other language translation services for varied industrial requirements. In addition to translation services, Alchemy Translation also offers Voice Over services, Pharma Regulatory services, as well as Subtitling services.

To know more about the transcription services offered by Alchemy Translation, you can contact the Alchemy Business Development Team. Our Business development team can guide you through the host of services so that you can select the service that best suits your requirements.

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