The importance of websites in the modern era

In the modern times, websites form an integral part of any business. Website adds credibility to the business. Businesses which don’t have websites are often perceived as businesses which are not very credible or those which do not earn too much. Moreover, websites play an important role in establishing and increasing the online presence of any business. Hence, in the times of the Internet, it is essential for any business to have a website on the World Wide Web. Websites are often used to project the vision and mission of any business. Further, websites also offer essential information about the businesses like the services that they provide. Websites are even used by businesses as means to contact them to avail their services. Many businesses also use their websites as a medium to promote their business.

Alchemy Translation collaborates with Writopedia to offer complete website development solutions

Website development - the key to the perfect website

Website development is one of the most basic process through which a website is developed. Web developers utilise numerous technologies like WordPress, HTML, xHTML, Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, PHP, etc. Each technology offers a different feel to the website, and depending on the requirements of the website, different technologies may have to be used. A good website isn’t just limited to a good design – content is the most important part of the website. The content of your website should convey all information about the business which a potential client might need. Over and above good design and website, easy navigation and good user experience and good user interface are also important parts of the website.

Alchemy Website Design

Alchemy Translation offers you the most premium website design packages. The website designing packages include theme based websites, website hosting, website backend management and frontend management, and website content management. We also offer integrated SEO packages for websites which can help you improve the SEO ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages of all major Search Engines including Google and Bing. At Alchemy, we understand the value of your hard-earned money and hence provide the most premium website development packages at the most economic rates.

Fully responsive, functional website in a matter of days

At Alchemy, we understand that time is money, and thus, understand the value of your time. We understand that developing a website within a stipulated period is one of the top priorities of our clients. Hence, we have set in place processes which help us to deliver fully-functioning and fully-responsive websites within a matter of days. Moreover, we emphasise on developing content-centric websites, which help with SEO, rather than design centric-websites. While developing content-centric websites, we make sure that we develop the website in accordance with the existing content of your website. Further, if you do not have content, our technology partners also offer content management packages. The content management packages offer complete content curation solutions for your websites.

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