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The user interaction information in most computer software programs that most users use is displayed in English. However, to increase the revenues and to penetrate newer markets, the multinational companies have adopted the process of IT translation and localization of software packages. Many software packages these days are available with multiple language options, which include all the major languages across the world. IT translation and Software localization can help the IT and software companies penetrate unexplored markets and thus, raise their revenues.

Alchemy Translation provides certified solutions for software and IT Translation and Localization

Professional Human Linguists

Computer software programs may contain a lot of contextual information, translating which, needs a deeper understanding of the culture along with a proficient understanding of the language. Most translation software packages and machine translators offer a word-to-word translation. Machine translation cannot translate culture context accurately, thus, resulting in bad translation. However, expert translators who are a part of Alchemy provide native translation solutions for IT translation.

Quality Assurance

Services provided by Alchemy Translation are not limited to IT translation. Alchemy also provides multiple levels of tests, checks, and quality assurance to ensure the best translation results. All content that undergoes translation at Alchemy must pass multiple levels of checks by experienced proofreaders to ensure that the translated content adheres to Alchemy standards. Moreover, the source text and the translated content are also tested for proper translation of cultural context by expert linguists.

Alchemy Advantage

Plain translation of a software package is not enough. The software packages must be translated with a localization approach to reap the maximum benefits. Alchemy Translation is a translation site and company which offers best-in-class IT translation services utilising the localization approach. Alchemy employs the best team of experienced IT translation who are familiar with a wide array of programming languages over and above being proficient in multiple languages. Alchemy provides dedicated IT translation services as well as online translation services to provide the best possible solution to the clients’ requirements.

Additional Services

Over and above certified software and IT translation services, Alchemy Translation also provides Website Translation services across multiple Countries. Moreover, Alchemy Translation also provides professional solutions for translation of different requirements of the E-learning industry.

For what are you waiting? Contact Alchemy Translation with your translation requirements now. We will process your requirements and get back to you with a quote at the earliest. Alchemy strives to provide the best-in-class translation solutions for all IT translation needs.


A Research of Online Buying Trends by Common Sense Advisory shows that for 5 out of 10 consumers, the price of a product or a software package is less important. The more important factor which determines whether or not they would make the purchase is the fact whether the product is available in their native language. Moreover, a Localization Research performed at the California State University at Chico shows that more than 6 out of every 10 multinational software companies affirm that localization is very important to increase revenues.