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These days, many businesses function across multiple countries across the world. Different countries have different cultures and different languages are spoken by the people. To cater to people belonging to different cultures and speaking different languages, the businesses have to translate their websites into multiple languages. Although, there are online tools which can instantaneously translate the content on the websites, they are not as effective as website translation services. Website localization is an even better way to adopt the websites to various cultures and languages. Website localization is as much, even more effective, sometimes, than website translation.


Professional Human Web Translators

Alchemy Translation offers the unique advantage of human translators over machine translation services, especially for website translation. Human translators and linguists can offer your website the competitive edge which it needs after translation. Human translators offer numerous advantages over machine translation of web content, especially during website localization. Moreover, since the machine translators work according to pre-programmed algorithms, they cannot translate contextual content and ambiguous language accurately.

Quality Assurance

All web content that undergoes translation at Alchemy Translation must pass multiple quality checks before the final draft is prepared. Expert translators with years of experience check the source text and translated text for discrepancies in translation. Linguistic experts check the translated text to check the grammatical, structural, and contextual integrity. Moreover, the all the translated content undergoes at least two levels of proofreads to ensure that the final draft is as error-free as possible.

Alchemy Advantage

Alchemy Translation employs professional web translators who can help you translate website and even localize them. Alchemy translators offer professional translation service for website localization and even aid with the digital marketing of the translated content. Website translation is not limited to simply translating the website or localizing it. To maintain the SEO capabilities of the translated content is also an important consideration during website translation. Alchemy Translation provides specialized training to the web translators for SEO optimization and other digital marketing considerations. This training ensures that the process of translation maintains the digital marketing consideration of the source text.

Additional Services by Alchemy Translation

Apart from professional translation and localization services for websites, Alchemy Translation also provides certified translation solutions for E-learning documents. Alchemy is a translation agency which provides expert solutions for all Pharmaceutical Translation requirements. Moreover, Alchemy Translation employs translators across Countries to provide translation services in native languages. Over and above language translation services, Alchemy Translation also provides integrated content solutions and expert proofreading services.

For what are you waiting? Contact Alchemy Translation with your translation requirements now. We will process your requirements and get back to you with a quote at the earliest. Alchemy strives to provide the best-in-class translation solutions for all website translation needs.

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International Telecommunication Union, a part of the UN, reports that there are 3 billion users of the Internet, which comprises roughly 40% of the population of the world. The report further stated that only 28% of the 3 billion people speak English, while about 55% of the content online is available only in English. This indicates that website translation is very important to reach out to a more global audience on the Internet.